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About Us

At MDC Decorating Specialists, we live by our tagline of Redefining Quality. We're a family owned and run business that is passionate about what we do and are always striving for perfection. We oversee every project personally to ensure our reputation for outstanding quality is upheld.

We're focused on making house into homes by providing all aspects of decorating. We want you to feel relaxed and be able to enjoy your home, inside and out, and will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.



Hi, my name’s Marc! I’m the founder of MDC Decorating Specialists Pty Ltd, an accomplished family business who services the sunny Gold Coast. While our roots have settled on the coast, we weren’t always around. The business actually originated in the UK, after I honed my skills spending 19 years in the painting industry. That’s a lot of painting experience! It may seem like all painters have the same thing to offer. We paint.

I wanted to do something different for the customers, which led me to put a lot of thought and consideration into what my business would be called. Into what customers would remember after working with me. After a lot of thought, it became clear.

We’d be called MDC Decorating Specialists. Because honestly, that’s what we were and still are. From our UK roots to now, we do DECORATING - rising to the challenge of taking on any and all painting jobs. Whether it be exterior or interior, big, small or even just a mark on the wall, you can trust that we will approach it with passion and the goal to do the best job possible. We’re the SPECIALISTS - we know that a job like this requires trust to allow someone into your home and operate with the highest of care around your furniture and belongings. This is why I pride myself on ensuring that myself and my team provide you with the gold standard of customer service and workmanship. Not to mention, I have a wealth of knowledge from all over the world, so you know I am up to date with the latest in the painting industry.

Finally, it is important to note that a business is only as good as the foundations it lays. The building blocks to ensure success. Exceeding customer expectations and holding close the values that began this journey to where it is now, is what sets us apart.


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2020 Dawn of a new DECADE – must be time to PAINT!