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Mould And Rot Treatment Solutions


Mould is the kind of thing that creeps up on you – it's not top of mind every day, unless you're a serious asthmatic, and it grows so fast that before you know it every nook and cranny is filled with the stuff. Keeping up a regular mould prevention scheme is a far easier way to go than trying to get on top of it once you have it.

The key to preventing household mould is reducing moisture where possible, rather than using expensive mould removal products that may do more harm than good.

If the mould is on something that is super-porous, like a textile, clothing or furniture, there's a good chance it can't be completely removed. Most moulds stain quite badly and also eat into surfaces; if they've grown on fabrics these may be permanently damaged and may need to be thrown out. Non-porous surfaces such as hard plastics should be relatively easier to clean. Semi-porous surfaces will be variable. Call MDC for more information

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